Energon is an algorithm energy consumption testing environment.
Requires 3 PC:
  • a PC (clientPC) used to send requests
  • a PC (testingPC) used to run tests
  • a PC (testedPC) used to read the ammeter

You are also required to put the ammeter between the the testedPC and the power plug so the testingPC can read the testedPC energy consumption over time.
testedPC and testingPC must also be in a LAN: the testingPC will send commands to the testedPC and will wait for an "algorithm completion" message from the testedPC in order to stop the chronometer.

Test results are saved as XML. Those files are created, during the execution of Energon, into some directories and, in the end, they'll be ready to be used in MS Excel.

Energon is in a middle state of development: you have to modify the source code in order to create new tests.

In the previous release, Energon was able to test algorithms also written in C++, but the final results went classified by: Access Memory Pattern, CPU, Compiler, etc...

In the last release, Energon is oriented only to measure the software energy consumption indipendently of the underlying architecture. The version is 1.0 due to the new approach.

Energon is able to test algorithms simply by loading .NET assemblies that wrap tests at runtime (through reflection), but it uses a simple Form for sending the requests.

The communication is realized through WCF for the connection between to the clientPC and the testingPC, while it's used the classic TCP protocol between the last one and the testedPC.

In the future, Energon will be able to accept requests from a WebSite, created with MS SharePoint,
and the requests will be managed with a Workflow.

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